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A murder within the LAPD. A gonzo reporter uncovers a California conspiracy. A card shark hunts the biggest whale of his life. These stories and more in…THE NEON NOIR.

The Neon Noir is an anthology of original noir stories, told through the eyes of the characters living them. Blending the literary quality of an audio book with the professional sound design of film, The Neon Noir breaks new ground in a hard-boiled audio drama.

Elena Fernandez-Collins, The Bello Collective:

Corruption and cigarettes run rampant as the backdrop to perspectives of people trying to be heroes, with smoky-voiced narrators and sharp sound effects. Whether or not they are heroes remains to be seen, but this has been a rollicking good ride so far, with the kinds of twists I expect from noir detective fiction

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featured episode

The Dame, Part 1

1940s, Los Angeles. An upcoming election means battle lines are being drawn, and a mysterious murder within the LAPD sends a female investigator down a long alleyway of public corruption and betrayal. Listen to the first episode HERE

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