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Jared Detsikas is a musician in the Boston area. An auditory polymath, he also does audio recording/ engineering for other musicians, film, and television. If you need auditory salvation, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire Jared.



Tracing the shadows of alternate realities, Jordan Perry creates scores for new worlds and imaginary places. His music prominently features the textures and aesthetic of jazz guitar and vintage synths. A student of literature, music, and technology, Perry holds a Master's Degree in English from Claremont Graduate University and resides in Los Angeles, California. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @writtenloudly


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Leo Camacho is host and performer with a diverse background in pop culture entertainment. A digital renaissance man, he is best known for his work in the Disney community on YouTube and in developing the Disneybounding fashion trend. He has since worked for a number of community driven brands such as Disney, Hot Topic, and Nintendo on a variety of creative projects including hosting, cosplay, fashion, and acting. A Swiss army knife of geek culture, Leo is always looking for new ways to entertain audiences with an authentic voice and passion for fandom. 


Erika Ishii is an actor and performer based in Los Angeles. She has many voice over credits, including Dream Daddy: A Daddy Dating Sim, Fire Emblem Heroes, and an upcoming role on Sailor Moon SuperS. She is also a beloved host and producer for Geek and Sundry. 


Anthony Tedesco lives and works as a voice actor in Los Angeles when he isn't writing podcasts and radio dramas of his own. He’s an alum of Geek and Sundry's popular Critical Role Dungeons and Dragons series, serving as the overlay operator for fans watching at home. On deck for Anthony will be The Hidden Frequencies, a podcast series by Mick Wingert (Po - Kung Fu Panda, Iron Man - Marvel Animated) Anthony, and the writing team behind the No Sleep series, as well as several of his own original works. Head to to keep up to date on new content and musings.


Andrew Boyer is an award-winning actor and producer. His acting credits include Devious MaidsTrophy WifeRakeEverybody Hates Chris, and Hello Ladies. His most recent film credits includes a three Indie picture deal with Afflatus Productions, where he starred alongside actors Paula Jai Parker (Hustle & Flow), Jackie Long (ATL, Real Husbands of Hollywood), and Jason Weaver (ATLLion King).



Audio Engineer/Post-Production

Erik Magnus is a LA-based sound designer and recording engineer for film, television, web, and everything in between. His clients include Blizzard Entertainment, Chase Bank, Snapchat, MLB, ABC, as well as many independent productions.


Visual Design

LA-based graphic designer Grace Magnus' clients include marketing agencies, small businesses, and artists–both creative and corporate. Grace moonlights as an instructor for UCLA Extension Visual Arts. She lives with two dogs, three cats, and an embarrassment of paper samples. Her work can be viewed at






Jack Delaney is a writer/director based in Los Angeles. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, he has several screenplays currently in development, and is best known for creating Natural 20, a D&D comedy web series for The Escapist Magazine. He’s been a fan of audio drama since listening to Lux Radio Theater as a child and not realizing they were actually movies.



E.C. Fiori lives in Los Angeles. His bluetooth headset is apart of his kit rental. He is incredibly grateful to be apart of the team and currently is freaking out over how good next season’s scripts are. He graduated from Emerson College. He is allergic to lobster if you are trying to bribe him for spoilers but has a novel to sell you.

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