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Release Schedule

The Neon Noir is a bi-weekly podcast, released every other Thursday. Available wherever you listen to podcasts. 


The Rookie

available now

It's a young cop's first night on the job... but if he isn't quick on the draw, it could be his last. Listen to the first episode HERE

available now

The Dame, Part 1

1940s, Los Angeles. An upcoming election means battle lines are being drawn, and a mysterious murder within the LAPD sends a female investigator down a long alleyway of public corruption and betrayal. Listen to the second episode HERE


available now

The Dame, Part 2

The noose tightens as hit men close in, forcing investigator Shirley Kent to take drastic measures... from behind a .45. Listen to the third episode HERE


The Gonzo

available now

What starts out as a simple ride along with a federal marshal becomes the unraveling of a long, dark, California conspiracy... one that will take a gonzo reporter to piece together. Listen to the fourth episode HERE


available now

The Gonzo, Part 2

A diversity fascist, a business minded deaconess, a violent hippy, and a gonzo reporter square off in a drought stricken desert, and realize the truth is just as strange as fiction. Listen to the fifth episode HERE


The Gonzo, Part 3

available now

Fear and loathing abound in the Golden State as our gonzo reporter barrels through red tape to the heart of a clean energy conspiracy. Listen to the sixth episode HERE


The Shark

available now

 A card shark hunts the biggest whale of his life, and it all comes down to the flip of a card. Listen to the seventh and final episode of Season 1 HERE

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